Diggin In The Crates

i dont really fuck with the radio. so while most of you might be rockin to French Montana's "Shot Caller", im bumping the classic sample used. Lords of the Underground "Funky Child". OG stylie.

Purple Tape

new EP from Hevehitta and DJ Unexpected. featuring classic Ghostface verses over DJ Premier beats. flawless work. the instrumentals on this track are from Group Home "Livin' Proof" and Gang Starr "Mass Appeal". 



had to throw this track up. another one from IsaiahThe3rd. the sample used is from one of the smoothest joints ever--The Temptations "Just My Imagination"


classic fucking mixtape put out by kid daytona last year. he laced up some of the illest interludes in hip hop history and added some flavor to all of them. this is my favorite cut off it.

Same old strategy

i will have full access to my music library soon...finally. sometime this week. rejoice. i will be focusing on writing more in the upcoming weeks. for now, the legendary roots crew.

Generating Power

really been feeling this cats mixtape. great vibe for the morning after an amazing night.


Not There Yet

reconnecting with family. finding yourself in the midst of turbulent times. be empty. what do you want to fill your life with?

Brand New

i apologize in advance for your neck. this track set the bar for the new year. Q gives us one of his most ignorant yet brilliant verses to date. shit he could be A$AP Q in all honesty. fits like a glove.



kitchen heat rock. late night text. schoolboy shit. slow mo. uploaded for your pleasure.

South Central

Windows down. 3 wheel motion. Sun in the sky.


shagging golf balls in the rain. constant wind. steady flow. taking a mental break from maryland soon.


afternoon. no sleep. simple things. laid back.


space for me to write. what inspires me. the music behind the inspiration. internet therapy. free 99. listen close.