Get your ass to Angel's Rock Bar inside of Power Plant Live! this Thursday 11/29 to hear some experimental sounds from some of the best DJ's in Baltimore. I will begin the festivities @ around 9pm with some straight weird shit. 



Start doing the things you love again. Avoid the pollution and naysayers. They probably never chased their dreams anyway. Two cuts off of Keswick's Imaginate which features the usual lush production with several noteworthy MC features.


Life Size Ghosts

Change is inherently good. Standing in one place kills your perspective. Move yourself. Life is a movie, be the bad-ass character.


Pain Inflicted, Pain Endured

Locating the source of pain can be tough, whether physical or emotional. Which one is worse, no clear answer for me. Both have been endured if you are alive. Living for the now. What else is there besides half-concocted bullshit and half-remembered distorted memories. Being aware of the little things is making a huge fucking difference.



Music gets me from am to pm. So many unique sounds and flows being consumed recently. Lost in a good place. Moving along despite setbacks. Starter caps and blunts packed.