Real Shit

"she kiss me on my cheek, and as she drove away she speeded / the next day im greeted by her mother, oh brother, she think im stupid / trying to play cupid undercover, talking bout how me and patty made the cutest couple, then invited me for supper / now dont think that im petty, but i know what desperate ladies put in their spaghetti, thats why i told her that i ate already"

Binary Star - Glen Close
Album: Masters of the Universe


A Face In The Crowd

"my feet in the street, your foot on the curb/i speak a different language, you speak a few words/responsibility and humility in a world of hostility, my best ability is availability, whats yours?/with no possibilities and closed doors"

 this track means alot to me. produced by preemo. but edo g. takes this shit over the cliff. super smooth on the beat. loving the krs-one samples on the hook. this is what a hip hop classic sounds like.

Outside the Box

"ayo folk never kissing ass, cuttin' like a kitchen class, im on the L train...this dude just pissed his pants"

Hold on tight

back in VA. feeling refreshed. let the knowledge seep in. classic pete rock and c.l. smooth remixed by 9th wonder.


Bonita Applebum

ooooooh i like this. even though Slum Village has been decimated over the years through death and group split ups, T3 is still reppin' for the D with this new mixtape from SV. this track features De La so you know what to expect.

Stay Calm

hey. you. be cool.


We believe we can fly

some old homeboy sand. word to the jimmy calhoun reference. top notch wordplay.


Method to Madness

i absolutely love this joint. beat is too nice. word to party supplies and action bronson.

and you know how i do, so here is the original sample used. beautiful song. first heard this in one of my favorite movies "A Bronx Tale"


Trials and Tribulatons

scenery is flying by my window. looks like shit but it feels nice. im leaving on a jet train and i have a good idea of when ill be back again. expect lengthier posts. my piece of advice for the day is to never watch the movie tower heist. your welcome.